Trailer "SuperBad":

Wir freuen uns, euch erneut in Kooperation mit unseren Freunden beim Hochschulfilmclub e.V. - HFC einen Film im Clubkino zeigen zu können!
Ihr seht heute "SuperBad" bei uns im Keller und könnt euch wie sonst Getränke kaufen. Aber statt semi-bequemer Hörsaalsitze bekommt ihr noch die bequemlichkeitszertifizierten Sessel und Sofas, die ihr schon von eurer Mittagspause im Café kennt. Filmstart ist um 21:00 Uhr.

Trivia: The word "fuck" is used one hundred eighty-six times. The movie itself is only one hundred thirteen minutes long. That averages to approximately 1.6 uses of the word per minute (eighty-four are said by Seth (Jonah Hill) alone).

IMDB: "Seth and Evan are best friends, inseparable, navigating the last weeks of high school. Usually shunned by the popular kids, Seth and Evan luck into an invitation to a party, and spend a long day, with the help of their nerdy friend Fogell, trying to score enough alcohol to lubricate the party and inebriate two girls, Jules and Becca, so they can kick-start their sex lives and go off to college with a summer full of experience and new skills. Their quest is complicated by Fogell's falling in with two inept cops who both slow and assist the plan. If they do get the liquor to the party, what then? Is sex the only rite of passage at hand?"

Sonntag 18.Februar | 20:00 - 01:00

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